I've done many creative projects in my life from Storyboards to designing entire Theme Parks, (I cover this work in the Bio) but as I come to the end of my commercial career I am looking forward to focusing on my true passion,... Oil Paintings.

I've worked with water colors, acrylics, pastels, airbrushing and markers but my favorite medium is oils. I'm going to focus on my previous and future paintings and the process I've used and the new way I am incorporating digital technology in my work on this site.

In my lifetime I've done less than 50 paintings. If you look at the number of paintings a lot of artist have done, I'm a newby. I'm hoping to change that in the future.

I've always been able to draw but I didn't do my first painting until I was 14. My Aunt Mary bought me a paint by number oil kit that I found facinating but when I finished the painting I still had paint left over. I turned the board over and drew a picture of a P-47 Thunderbolt I copied from the cover of the paperback book, "Thunderbolt", the story of Fighter Ace, Robert S. Johnson.

I regret I don't have an image of my first or a lot of my early paintings which included a Self Portrait, a Tiger, an Owl (water color). The images I could find are very poor quality but I am featuring them here.

EARLY WORK IN HIGH SCHOOL (it gets better, I promise)

1974, Acrylic on canvas, "Falcon"..

It would seem I was always interested in birds

1974, Acrylic on canvas, "Madness"


1974, Acrylic on Canvas

"Space Battle"
1974, Gouache on board, "Vega"
  When I got to Centereach High my art teacher, Tom Knowland was a big influence on my art career. I now had access to all the acrylic paint and canvas I could desire along with gouache, illustration boards, technical pens and I took full advantage of the opportunity.
After High School and during college, money was tight so come the Holidays, I would do paintings as gifts. Below are some of the early paintings I did for friends and family members. (Please, Don't judge too harshly)

1976, Kitty's Cat (Instead of a ball of yarn I feature an 8 track tape)

1976 Lighthouse

1976 Skier

1980 Waterfalls
1978 Sailing Ships  
1979 Ballet Dancers  

1977 Train Collage

1982 Frazetta
  One of my all time favorite Artists is Frank Frazetta. Above is an oil painting I did of Frank's, "The Huntress" as a study for an airbrush painting I was doing on a van.
It would be another 11 years before I got to do another painting. In the 90's, I decided to try my hand at the Aviation Art market which in turn led me to doing paintings for The Art of Disney galleries.

The "Leader of the Band" prints are still available for sale,.. CLICK HERE

I also did a series of Bird Paintings. I explore each of these subjects on their own pages.
See, I told you it would get better!
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