In the early 90's I did a series of paintings for the Walt Disney World Company starting with their 25th anniversary celebration.That led me to creating an original painting from the movie Sleeping Beauty featuring Maleficent as a dragon. Disney made hundreds of prints and thousands of posters, plates, magnets and all kinds of fun things that I signed for hundreds of guests who waited on line at the Disneyanna convention and at the Art of Disney gallery.
Pencil sketch for Disney's 25th anniversary celebration 1996
Final 3' x 4' oil on canvas of the 25th anniversary 1996
Pencil sketch for "Maleficent's Fury" 1998
3'x4' oil on canvas of "Maleficent's Fury" 1998
Me at the Art of Disney signing of Maleficent's Fury   3'x4' oil on canvas for Disney's Candle Light Procession at Epcot

Over the years I've done design and illustration work for Disney such as the product and merchandise art for the Animal Kingdom seen above, After a 15 year hiatus, I decided to start creating paintings for the Art of Disney. My first submission, "Leader of the Band" went in "The Art of Disney" gallery at EPCOT, December 21st and SOLD Dec. 28th! My second painting, "Ariel's Treasure" was completed in March and sold in April at "The Art of Disney" gallery in Downtown Disney. (Now Disney Springs) You can see the process for that painting by clicking HERE or on the link below!

In all, I ended up doing 17 paintings that were featured and sold in the Art of Disney galleries and other locations on Disney property.

The "Leader of the Band" prints are still available for sale,.. CLICK HERE
Pencil sketch for Leader of the Band
Final Painting of Leader of the Band

To the left is the completed, "Ariel's Treasures" The painting sold in 3 weeks at the Art of Disney, at Disney Springs. You can see the step by step process of this painting by clicking on the link below.


Click on the picture above to see a larger version.  

My last painting for the Walt Disney World Company was in 2019 , "The Force Lives On" featuring Luke Skywalker.

To see the steps used to paint "The Force Lives On", CLICK HERE!

    This is me August 25th, 2019 signing autographs at the Disney, Hollywood Studios. The original painting is behind me and it sold in May of 2021.

Another Disney painting features Mickey, Minnie and Pluto under a tree at night. This original oil painting was for the Art of Disney and sold within a week.

You can see the progress of, "Another Night closer to Forever" on my Facebook page!

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