Mermaid Progress
I build my own frames. For "Ariel's Treasure" I made a deep frame that will end up what is known as a "Gallery Wrap"
I stretch my canvas by hand using a canvas stretcher I've had for over 20 years.
I've stapled the canvas on the back side which leaves the sides nice and neat. Here I am trimming away the excess canvas.
Once trimmed I spray the backside of the canvas with water and rub it in. This shrinks and tightens the canvas.
I spend so much time doing the blue pencil sketch that it would be foolish to try and draw it again onto the canvas. Instead I scan the original pencil drawing and convert it to grey scale and have it printed onto the canvas before I stretch it.
Before I start painting I wipe the whole canvas down with linseed oil.
I start by blocking in the background.
I chose a bright blend right down the middle of the canvas.
Here I have the whole background covered.
Then on to the characters starting with Ariel.
I'm mainly blocking in color. I will go back and add detail later.
Next up is Flounder. "That tickles!"
I like to work back to front so Sebastian will have to wait.
Detail of the treasure chest. I will go in and add wood grain later.
Now for Sebastian.
Looks kind of crabby to me.