The Col-erase 20044 blue pencil is the tool I've used for the last twenty years for everything from product development to restaurant and theme park designs.  When I started doing work for Disney most of the artist used the red pencil to rough out a design and follow up with the black pencil for clean-up.  I came in with the blue pencil and now the Col-erase 20044 blue pencil is used extensively by the Disney artist.

So what's so special about the blue pencil?  The blue pencil allows you to draw bold without overdeveloping the contrast of an image.  In other words, you never have to go back and erase an area that is too dark.  It also has a beautiful soft side that is easy to work without getting too heavy.

As a concept and presentation tool it provides a loose concept look that doesn't come across  as a finished piece being forced upon a client.  It also maintains a monochromatic feel that doesn't  prejudice a client with colors they may not like. Before I started using the blue pencil, I actually had client reject a design because they didn't like a color I used in the piece.

The blue pencil is fast, affordable and an impressive way to make a great presentation. This site is a collection of more than 20 years of my work with most of it represented by the blue pencil which also has a beautiful, "Finished Art" quality.

Pencil study for a future painting, "Sandhill Cranes"

This site represents a gallery of my commercial work and I will continue to add and expand this site with new pieces as I go. Most of the drawings on this site are client projects but some drawings were part of creating original pieces that became finished oil paintings. It is my goal to create more original paintings and offer them for sale on this site and in galleries across the country.

My first in a series of bird paintings is titled, "Ibis in the Surf". This painting was inspired by a group of these beautiful birds on a Boca Grande beach in Florida. Included in this series will be a Great Blue Heron, A White Heron, an Eagle, Owl, Pelicans, Ducks, sea gulls and other domestic birds.
Original pencil sketch
Full color painting
Pencil sketch for the Owl painting
Full color painting
Pencil sketch for the Pelican painting
Full color painting
Pencil sketch for the Willet painting
Full color painting
Pencil sketch for the upcoming Blue Heron painting
Pencil sketch for the upcoming Hawk painting
Pencil sketch detail for the upcoming Wild Turkeys painting
Pencil sketch for the upcoming Seagull painting
You may have notice the little Mickey above. 15 years ago I did a series of paintings for the Walt Disney World Company starting with their 25th anniversary celebration and ended with me creating an original painting from the movie Sleeping Beauty featuring Maleficent as a dragon. Disney made hundreds of prints and thousands of posters, plates, magnets and all kinds of fun things that I signed for hundreds of guests who waited on line at the Disneyanna convention and at the Art of Disney gallery.
Pencil sketch for Disney's 25th anniversary celebration 1996
Final 3' x 4' oil on canvas of the 25th anniversary 1996
Pencil sketch for "Maleficent's Fury" (Sleeping Beauty) 1998
3'x4' oil on canvas of "Maleficent's Fury" 1998
Me at the signing of Maleficent's Fury at the Art of Disney   3'x4' oil on canvas for Disney's Candle Light Procession at Epcot
Over the years I've done design and illustration work for Disney but more recently I've decided to start creating paintings for the Art of Disney after a 15 year hiatus. My first submission, "Leader of the Band" went in "The Art of Disney" gallery at EPCOT December 21st and SOLD Dec. 28th! My second painting, "Ariel's Treasure" was completed in March and sold in April at "The Art of Disney" gallery in Downtown Disney. You can see the progress on that painting by clicking HERE or on the link below!
You can request a print or canvas reproduction of any of my Disney paintings at any of the Art of Disney Galleries.
Pencil sketch for Leader of the Band
Final Painting of Leader of the Band

To the left is the completed, "Ariel's Treasures" The painting sold in 3 weeks at the Art of Disney, in Disney Springs. You can see the step by step process of this painting by clicking on the link below.


Click on the picture above to see a larger version.  

Another Disney painting features Mickey, Minnie and Pluto under a tree at night. This original oil painting was for the Art of Disney and sold within a week.

You can see the progress of, "Another Night closer to Forever" on my Facebook page!

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