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Aviation Art, especially WW II subjects has always been my favorite. Doing these paintings gave me the opportunity to meet and get to know some of the finest men and woman I've had the pleasure to know. Most have passed away now and their era is comming to an end but their legacy lives on through this and all the other great paintings and prints that depict the ultimate battles between aerial veterans from all sides.
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Encounter with a Jet

Original OIL on Canvas 36" x 24"

Signed by the artist and P-51 Ace, James Starnes depicted here in his P-51D Mustang,Tar Heel.



Encounter with a Jet depicts a mission flown by Col. James R. Starnes of the 339th Fighter Group on March 30th, 1945. Col. Starnes is flying P-51 D Mustang, "Tar Heel" He is part of a four plane flight of Mustangs that has just been bounced by a single ME-262 Jet.

Carrier Clash

Original OIL on canvas 30" x 24"

This painting was done for the cover of Eric Hammel's CARRIER CLASH and is signed by the artist.



US Space Program

Acrylic on Canvas 30" x 24"

This painting was done for a NASA book cover.



Struck by Black Lightning L/E Print signed and numbered by the artist and CBI P-51 ace Marv Lubner.

Encounter with a Jet L/E Print signed and numbered by the artist and P-51 ace James Starnes.

$40.00 + S&H Col. James R. Starnes signs his P-51 vs ME-262 print, "ENCOUNTER with a JET" $40.00 + S&H