Original Paintings
Aviation Art
Pencil Sketches
Below is an assortment of drawings I have scanned and some are available on heavy weight paper signed and numbered by me with a certificate of authentication.
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European Eagle Owl
Blue Heron
Atlanta Zoo T shirt design blue pencil.
Robert S. Johnson's P-47 vs an FW-190
Bill Leverette's P-38 vs Ju-87 Stukas
NASA book cover design
Jim Starnes P-51 D "Tar Heel"
IOA Doom Tower Tee Design
Universal Studios Monster Cafe kiosk topper
Daytona Beach Pelicans
Flying Tigers
Indiana Jones Tee Design
Dueling Dragons Tee Design
Universal Studios Jurassic Park street scene
Universal Studios HHN street scene design
IOA Dueling Dragon Tee Design
IOA Doom Tower Tee Design
Sand Hill Cranes pencil study
Ibis in the Surf Pencil Study
P-40B Flying Tigers pencil study
FW-190 Pencil Study
Tar Heel P-51 B vs ME-109 Pencil Study
TBM Midway pencil study
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